About Us

Sun Rhythm Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. is a professional music company located in Jiangsu of China making violins, violas, cellos and double basses. We set up our business in 2009 and since then we've built solid relationships with our partners. We have been very careful about violin making from the stage of selecting raw materials to the checking & testing of the finished products.

Throughout the years we've been providing our customers with high quality musical instruments at competitive prices. Since established, our instruments have been well spread in different countries and regions of the world. Our products have been liked by many students & musicians. 

We carry a large selection of instruments at different levels, including beginner level, intermediate level and concert level. We all offer them at low prices.  

We're well experienced in handling with international shipping. Every instrument is checked before shipping to make sure there is nothing wrong. We use professional shockproof packaging for every instrument to ensure you receive them in perfect condition. We strive be offer the best service to our partners. 

At Sun Rhythm Music you can get instruments of high cost performance and professional quality. We would like to be your solid and long time partner and supplier.

Below are the pictures of our booth in the NAMM show. People have been very insterested in our instruments.